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Breakfast & Bubbles

with Boo Boo

Breakfast and Bubbles with Boo Boo!  Boo Boo will bring cereal/milk & apple juice right to your site, along with a special souvenir to take home! Of course, Boo Boo will want to blow some bubbles together, too!


$19.99 for the first child and $9.99 for each additional child. Sign up in the Ranger Station.

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Cookies & Milk

with Cindy Bear


Cindy Bear will deliver the perfect snack to have after dinner! Sign up in the Ranger Station and Cindy Bear will deliver cookies & milk directly to your site!

$14.99 for the first child and $6.99 for each additional child.

Less Chores, More S’mores with one of your favorite characters!

None of the bears enjoy doing chores, but they ALL enjoy S’mores! Yogi Bear™, Cindy Bear™, or Boo Boo™ will bring by a s’mores kit for 4 people, napkins, a bundle of wood, a fire starter, & some magic mist!

$34.99 per visit

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Cindy Bear

Tooth Fairy Visit

Did you lose a tooth during your stay with us and are worried the tooth fairy won’t find your child while on vacation? Cindy Bear wants to help celebrate by delivering a little something special. 

$19.99 per visit

Private Present Delivery by Yogi Bear, Cindy Bear, or Boo Boo!

Our bears are busy hibernating during Christmas time, so they want to experience the joy of giving! You can bring your own wrapped gift or purchase something at our store and we will wrap it for you for free! One special bear will bring your wrapped gift(s) to your site for a special bear appearance. Sign up in the Ranger Station!


$9.99 for first child, $4.99 for each additional child. 

*Only available weekends of July 18-20, July 25-27, and August 22-24

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